Entrepreneurship brings risks

let’s turn those risks into gains

General Insurance
Protection against physical and legal risks
For corporate and individual
Ensure the continuity of operations
Medical Insurance
Safeguard your employees’ or family’s health
Keep them healthy and productive
Everyone's necessary medical treatment
Employee Benefits
Crucial employees and their families' support
Duty of care of companies for their employees
Human resource tool
Credit Insurance
Key factor in credit insurance
Provide credit advisory
Available for individuals and companies

About us

Insurance Coverage That Fits Your Life

Who We Are

Asian Risks Management Services Co. Ltd. (ARMS) is an international consultant advising clients on insurable risks.
With presence in Shanghai and Beijing, we provide services all over China.
Independent from any insurance providers, ARMS combine 40 years of experience in the insurance and finance industry with more than 15 years of presence in the Chinese insurance market, acting to the best interests of our clients.

What We Do

We ASSIST our clients to identify risks they should take into consideration to ensure continuity of operations and being fully concentrated on the development of their business.
We ADVISE our clients on medical insurance, property and liability insurance in cooperation with our partners.
We DEDICATE ourselves to provide bespoke, innovative risks management and insurance solutions to corporate and individuals including claims following up, everywhere in the world.

Our Partners

In cooperation with our partners, Asian Risks Management Services offers comprehensive, tailored insurance solutions for individuals and corporates at home and abroad.
With the mission to provide the best risks management and assessment services and insurance solutions available in China, we partner with the very top insurers home and abroad.
We remain neutral and independent, giving our clients impartial advice and solutions that suits their needs. Just reach out to us, and we will do the rest for you!

Why Choose Us

Asian Risks Management Services (ARMS) combines 40 years of experience in the insurance sector with more than 15 years of presence in the China. We have a deep understanding of insurance solution and a proven practice in the Chinese insurance market. We are acting in the BEST INTERESTS of our clients, providing tailor-made and innovative solutions, everywhere in the world. We provide seamless, on-time insurance services up to international standards. We can provide cover and insurance services everywhere including in Africa where we have a strong network.
Property, transport insurance
Business interruption insurance
Liability insurance
What is Medical Insurance?
High-end Medical Insurance
Social Medical Insurance Supplemental Cover
All Benefits Needed for Your Employees
Multiple Advantages and Flexibility
What is Credit Insurance?
Functions of Credit Insurance